Welcome to the website of foundation "The Sheepfold"

The Sheepfold is a foundation formed to help in solving the needs of a group of youth/children in The Gambia, who have become homeless due to situations in their homes, which have eft them with no other alternative but to opt for street-life, instead of the difficulties and poverty within the family.

The Main Goal of this foundation is to set up a centre where sixteen (16) youth/children between the ages of five and twenty (5 and 20) years will be guaranted a safe and conductive place to live, thus experiencing quite a different way of life under the care of a dedicated mother, who will help to give them hope in re-discovering their self-esteem to pave a way for their future by sending them to school, teach them different skills and to study.

A Short Term Goal is to provide four (4 family houses, each with four(4) children and a mother, thus catering for sixteen (16) children to have a permanent home.

Before leaving the centre at the age of twenty (20) years, each child will be guided in finding their footing in society by putting into practice what they have learned in the centre.

The Sheepfold, I can safely say, has been blessed with its own land which will enable us t these children up in the way that Christ wants. It will be a place where the love of Christ will allowed to reign.

(written by the Secretary of Education and member of the board The Sheepfold in The Gambia, Mr Jonathan Goode)

We, The Board The Sheepfold Lelystad (Holland) are very grateful to have the Methodist Mission as our counterpart. We hope, that everyone, who read this and your heart has been touched, help us, to realize this centre, so that the children have not to wait longer anymore. THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE.

Help us!

Foundation “The Sheepfold” asks urgently your help to build a center for the streetchildren of Gambia.


This center will offer them the opportunity and the prospect of a good future.