The Sheepfold

What does The Sheepfold mean ?

It simply means “The Sheepfold
Why this name (The Sheepfold) for this foundation?

In Gambia it seems to me (Yvonne Voorn) that sheep aren’t being led by a shepherd who brings them to places where they can enjoy the delicious green grass. By looking for grass, paper, skins from all kinds of fruits, leaves of specific trees and water by themselves; they come at places where they meet other sheep and then become a big flock.

My host family have got three sheep.
Most of the time they stay close at home accept when there are many ewes in another group. Then they join together with that group and stay together and you will not see them for the whole day.
Everyday they do the same. They will not get tired from grazing and they make long distances. When twilight falls in they leave the group and go to the place where they belong.
When a sheep is missing they bleat and seek that specific sheep until it is found. If they don’t find the lost sheep, they keep on bleating so that the owner of the sheep knows that a sheep is missing. He then starts a search, for you will never know, if another owner has tied him up to sell him instead of his own sheep.
Because of that reason they name their sheep, by which the missing sheep can quickly be located.
Sheep and goat are very free to go where they want to and for the owner it is common that the fold is coming home. They are not worrying about that. It just happens.
The life of a street child looks almost familiar as of a sheep. There is only one exception and that is that a street child many times doesn’t have a home (fold) to go to. He has to find a place for the night. Together with other companion they form a family and try to survive in all kinds of manners.

Street children stay together and care for each other (very social) they share with each other whatever they get/steal, but also what they earn by doing little jobs.

- They don’t have a future perspective because they cannot go to school.

- They supposed to be at school and not slender on the streets.

- They want to go to school, but they don’t have the opportunity.

- They are standing at the school gates during the pauses, watching their age group (what must go on in their minds?)

- Many times they are snapped because the community sees them as a burden and as thieves for whom you have to watch out.

Two of the millennium goals of the United Nation are:  all children have to go to school and the hunger must be halved in 2015. These are the main goals of the foundation.

These children have the right of education and to grow up in a normal living climate.
Not on the streets! There they will never get self esteem or the possibility for establishing a future.
That is why Foundation the Sheepfold is urgently asking you for your help (youngsters and elderly persons) to joining them realizing a home for these children.
This home/centre shall give them the opportunity and perspective for a good future.
They will never make it on the street!
For now we want to start to brick up the terrain so that the materials are secured for further realization. Because of a lack of finances we cannot start building the homes, but we could start with the well, the water tank and the house of the guard with septic tank. When these things are done, we can focus on the realization of the 4 homes.

We paid € 10.285,00 for the land. For the things aforementioned it will be around  € 15.000,00 (inclusive for the purchase of a solar pump for the well etc.)
The expenses will be around € 11.000,00 per house (calculated the losses of exchanges) exclusive the furnishing.

If you want to give these children a future and you grant them a safe home, then, please, sign in as a contributor so we together can mean something for them.
You have heard a lot about child soldiers. These children are kidnapped under threat and are forced to kill, even at a young age. Many of them are escaped from these threats, because they fled out of these kinds of countries.
That is why the foundation wants to
prevent, before they will become victims again of these criminals. The foundation doesn’t want to wait until the steed is stolen, but we want to give the opportunity now. (our slogan is prevention and safety)

Meanwhile we want to thank you on behalf of the street children in The Gambia
(West Africa) for your support, and we hope you will continue to give us your support for the realization of the houses.

The secretary

Help us!

Foundation “The Sheepfold” asks urgently your help to build a center for the streetchildren of Gambia.


This center will offer them the opportunity and the prospect of a good future.